PreGolden Visa

We guarantee residence permit Golden Visa.

With our service Pre Golden Visa you should learn in advance if your residence is going to be granted before investing.

We are first and only Law Firm in Spain that offers a service that lets you know if a client is going to obtain or not Golden Visa in Spain without having to buy a property, without having to invest 500.000 Euros, without risk.

Through this service, we prepare all necessary documentation, we revise and check with government agencies looking for any kind of error o problem. If everything is in order we issue a report that certifies if Golden Visa is going to be obtained or not.

You Insure your Object (La Golden Visa) before investing 500.000 Euros.

In Spain they refused already 14 applications with investment already  made. In those cases , client, not only that doesn´t obtain La Golden Visa but also doesn´t recover all expenses paid, for example tax.

With our service Pre Golden Visa, your investment is assured at the beginning of the path.

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